History of the World Wide Web

Portals are products of the World Wide Web, not the internet although internet and world wide web are used interchangeably. Before the World Wide Web was created, there was still lacking in how people can easily access all the information that they have. This is what many computer scientists also tried to find but the solution for this but it was vague. However, Tim Burner Lee, a British computer scientist finally invented the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is the connections of different networks of computers. This is why it is called the World Wide Web. There are numerous networks that is providing all the information that we need. There are millions of computer networks or server in the world.

When you visit a website, what you see is the result of many servers interconnected with each other. Each website or web page has different address to server. This is why you may need to use correct website address when inputting in the browser. It is called web because all server are communicating together to produce the information that a browser(person) need. The World Wide Web uses short cuts like hyperlink in order to connect to another server so that people can easily visit the address and get information they have. This is the work of the World Wide Web. If this has not been created, the websites visited appears to be simple ones. Since the world wide web is now what we are enjoying in our time. The information technology has given this age too much help. Thanks to many computer scientists.