Information Technology vs. Computer Science

What is the difference between information technology and computer science? In general, information technology and computer science belongs to the same field. It is a matter to the usage and creation of computer applications. Information technology finds ways for business to use software application. IT is more focused on the usage of software application. Also, information technology covers the organizational side, the information system, etc. On the other hand, computer science is involved in the creation of software application.

A computer science professional is expected to go into software development covering from the theories all the way to the more applied side but not so much in the application. Information technology as a profession needs to identify a company or a lead in the company and try to look for its development. The job is focused on how to make the business more efficient. Information technology as a profession allows you as well the opportunity to handle clients for the company.

Computer science on the other side as a profession requires the ability in dealing to mathematics. It has a lot to do with math subjects because they have to study the theoretical foundations and some other deep theories. In their future career, they can be software engineers who will develop new and exciting solutions to solve problems in society. Both are good specialization. Young adults who are entering university are often confused between these two on what to take as their major. IT or CS can lead you to be a web developer, software engineer, computer programmer and so on.