Taking a tour to the different states of America

As I came from America, I also want to share about our beautiful country. America has an amazing history and also a division of many states, fifty in particular. They also teach us when we are in school about our country and I got to know that it is big and many states form it. I still remember that they made us memorize all the fifty states and also its corresponding capital. When that memory comes up to my mind, I am excited to share with you about the song that covers all the fifty states.

The song is really catchy that it seems you are listening to a regular song but with the fifty states of America as lyrics. Many teachers use this song to teach children and help them memorize the different states with their capital. It helps many children have a good grade during an exam. We can see a lot of art everywhere.  If you want to try, make sure that you have enough background on how does this work.

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