History of Portal

Portals meaning entry of gateway emerged during the time of the development of the world Wide Web. This is why portals are means to go through a World Wide Web communication for many purposes,may it be a business or whatever. Often, this is a face when you use a browser to visit websites.

When online businesses have boomed, companies wanted to find out how browsers can be linked to their company’s website. Web portals were found on the way. Generally, web portals are entry sites having too many links aiming to make link browsers to different company websites. In addition, this is a single interface that provides convenient access to everything a user needs to get the task done, regardless of where it exists. Whether to search for and buy a book, access an account balance and make transfer, or update your personal information in the HR system at work, the portals brings everything together in one virtual place.

This is why collaboration and user integration is needed and it has the most convenient web communication due to its work-flow system.  Three types of portals are created to make a collaboration: business to business, business to employee and business to costumer regards. The use of portals was not that Netster is one portal sites that were used in the past. If you open Netser.com. lists of business websites appear so you can just click any of the links so you can access their site. At this time, no one uses portal site anymore.