List of interesting facts about computer science

Have you learned many things about computers already? Do you know many facts about it? Then you can test your knowledge with the video that contains computer science facts. Computer science can be a major course but this video is only for the introduction of it. You can know more in the other parts of the video that will come after this. This is only the part one of the videos and it is nice, to begin with, some interesting facts.

If you watch the video it gives some facts about the first who became a computer programmer. It was written that the first one is a woman in the year 1843. She is a British and a mathematician named Ada Lovelace. It is quite interesting to know as in these days the programming industry is still dominated by males. Some women are now into the gaming industry but still, the number is far compared to the male counterpart. It is a good start though that women have a role and influence also in that kind of industry.

Another fact is that the first computer was invented in the year 1936 by Konrad Zuse and it was given a name of Z1. We all know that it is a big machine compared to what it is today. You can look at this now in the internet to see how it looked and you can even search many things about it like the power source or how big it is and how fast it is. The ways to build up a structure of a building from scratch is by using a software. By using cad your job will be easy. This is because all tools that you needed is there for the layout of the building structure.