Simple internet tricks and tips easy to use

In the times of the internet, this age, we can know many things and many people have an amazing talent to just create something and use it for the benefit of all. Now many videos can be up[loaded featuring tutorials or anything like documentaries, short films, or short video clips about a show or a company. There are many things that can be learned and explored but still, threats are open and lurking everywhere. It is recommended to stay in safety level putting anti-virus.

If you are a fan of social media, you will rejoice of the number one tip that is given. Many people just tend to keep on saving memories even if it becomes loads and tons of it. Pictures, conversations, activities, memories and much more. Thankfully there are many devices and also programs that can help you manage your files and even provide you free storage spaces that you will not worry much on where to save them. But you must be careful to put them in secured sites or programs as they can become vulnerable.

Many people do not yet use the feature of a print screen as they do not know how to use it. It is easy by pressing the print screen tab and pasting it into the program where you can save it. You can find out more of the tips on the internet and apply them. There are also tips in using the different Microsoft applications that would be much helpful to you.